Top Five Ways to Decorate with Lanterns

March 11, 2018

Top Five Ways to Decorate with Lanterns

So as you guys know I love lanterns. If there was a support group I should definitely attend. I do a lot of craft shows and the most common reaction is "Ooooh those are so cool, what would I do with them?” So I thought I would help you with some of my favorite ideas. Here we go:


5.  Hanging Lanterns

This is such a cool way to display our mini lanterns. String 4 or 5 of them together and put them on your deck, in your bedroom or in a child's bedroom (awesome nightlight). This picture was taken from an article about how to decorate your camper or camp site. These would look great by the camp fire or hanging from your camper. They add just a little light and a lot of decor. My best friend and her spouse recently purchased a camper. Guess what they are getting for the next holiday.

4. Redecorate Your Bathroom on a Budget

I am in the process of doing this now. I am doing a nautical theme and I think I am going to put a mermaid lantern in there for a little color and a great night light. Our silhouettes can be seen even without the light on so it makes a unique decoration no matter what time of day it is. 

3. Weddings,Weddings,Weddings (Showers Too!!)

I can go on for days about how to customize lanterns to light up your special day, but I think my one of my favorite blogs will be about how to decorate with lanterns for your wedding. The ones I like the most are centerpieces, favors, and down the aisle. When I was looking at the wedding stuff, I came across the picture I posted above. A new trend for lanterns is that brides are having their wedding party carry lanterns instead of bouquets. I really liked this idea, it's unique and could help with your budget. They also make great wedding favors or bridal party gifts.

2. Home Decor

You can really light up your home decor with lanterns. The pictures above are just a few ideas. I fell in love with the idea of hanging them on the wall, and you could easily change them for holidays and other special occasions. I am really proud of the versatility of these lanterns. Many of my customers have placed  them on their mantels or tables and then when they are entertaining they use that same lantern as a centerpiece. Which brings me to my number one pick for decorating with lanterns...

1. Centerpieces

Lanterns are a great way of adding some sparkle and color to any space.  It could be a dining room table , kitchen counter or entry hall table. It is easy and versatile. You can take your lantern and put in a wreath of flowers or in a basket. For example, if you got a lantern with a flower or other spring/summer design you could use it for Easter, Mother's Day, and Wedding/Baby showers just by changing the wreath or flowers around it. I started using wreaths around my lanterns to accent my table at Christmas craft shows. Now everyone wants to buy the wreaths too!

Hope this was helpful, I have these and other ideas pinned on my Pinterest boards, so check them out. What are you doing with your lanterns?Leave comments, send pictures. I would love to hear from you.